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Fall Hike at Torreya

FitTallahassee took a group of people on a fun adventure filled hike through Torreya State Park where we enjoyed a morning of exploring the beautiful natural beauty around Tallahassee. This is a 7.3 miles hike which featured different groups to accommodate different speeds for hiking. Make sure to keep an eye out for more events like this so you can get more active with your community and friends!

Free Saturday morning fitness boot camp

Fit Tallahassee enjoyed a day of fitness and fun at Tom Brown Park to get in an enjoyable weekend workout outdoors! We love bringing the community together through fitness! Keep an eye out for future events like this and enjoy the natural beauty Tallahassee has to offer!

Leon Sink Fitness Hike

Leon Sinks is a beautiful karstic area on the Upper Floridian Aquifer. It features an underwater cave system that also connects to Wakulla Springs. This beautiful area is an amazing experience and Fit Tallahassee decided to create an even to bring people together to explore this natural beauty. Getting out and active and exploring the beauty so close to our city!