Fit Tallahassee is committed to connecting our community through fun and fitness! 

Connect with us and get active in the community with friends and versatile fun fitness opportunities! 

True health and fitness is achieved and maintained through a healthy lifestyle in all areas — mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our mission with Fit Tallahassee is to assist in facilitating healthy lifestyles within the Tallahassee Community, by offering local events that push one’s physical fitness and experience some of Tallahassee’s beautiful areas, along with connecting like minded people together from all over the city. Fit Tallahassee wishes to inspire you through accurate information, exciting events, a motivating community and encouraging support — to help you live your best (healthy) life and reach your potential

More About Us!

We created Fit Tallahassee because we saw the beauty in our local community and wanted to get people involved and connected through different fun activities. 

If you want to get active, make friends in the community, and learn more about what your city has to offer, then you need to get involved with Fit Tallahassee! We will keep you up to date on what's going on in the community and have our own awesome events that bring people together! 

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If you're interested in getting active, making friends, and adventuring through local beautiful spots make sure to subscribe to Fit Tallahassee. We will send emails for upcoming events and you will get priority in registering for events! You will also be eligible for exclusive member events, posts, and deals! 

What We're All About


Staying Active with fun activities to keep your body going and help you reach your fitness goals!


Getting involved in the community helps build connections and friendships. We want to connect the community through local events.

Local Beauty

Tallahassee is full of natural beauty and is often under-appreciated. We want to bring people out to experience all of the beauty Tallahassee has to offer!