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Have a Healthier Halloween

Healthier Halloween

It starts before Labor Day – as soon as the school year starts – and signals the unofficial start of the holiday season. Before long, co-workers are filling dishes with candy corn and everything is “fun sized.” And finally, you find yourself facing bags of candy that tempt you, and then make your kids go bonkers! It’s enough to make a health-conscious parent turn into a Halloween monster. But relax, Halloween can still be fun without candy overload.

Halloween is one day out of the year, and if your family eats healthfully most of the time then one candy binge isn’t going to hurt anything but your stomachs. But, if Halloween is the domino that leads to candy being part of every day, then setting some boundaries and limits can help manage the sugar crash.
About 80% of parents set limits to keep kids from going overboard on the Halloween treats, according to Kids Health Magazine. That can include things like setting a “candy budget” of a certain number of pieces per day, requiring kids to eat something healthy before eating candy, or tossing the candy out on November 1.
Here are some other tips to keep candy to a minimum:

  • Have dinner or a big snack before going trick-or-treating so kids are not hungry while holding a big bag of candy.
  • Trick-or-treat for a couple of blocks and then head to a party or festival. The fewer houses you go to, the less candy you collect!
  • Encourage sharing the candy with friends and contributing it to a family candy stash for everyone to enjoy.
  • Offer alternative trick-or-treat items like stickers, small toys, tattoos, etc.

The holidays are here, ready or not! Keep the focus on fun, friends, and fellowship, not candy, to enjoy them without the crash later.

Summer Trails Series 3.5 Mile and 1 Mile

1 mile for kids 12 and under

When: July 25, 2013 at 7: 30am
Where: Magnolia Trail, Tom Brown Park; 
Contact: Bobby York 443-6795

Details: The 4-race series will take place on the most scenic and challenging trails in Tallahassee. This will be a great off road running experience! Each race will start in an open area, but soon lead onto the trail. 

Each course will offer a little bit of everything: rolling terrain, single track trails, multi-use trails, and technical sections with rocks, roots, and tight twisty turns. 

Pre-register for the 4-race series at a discount- pay for thress races and run the fourth FREE! Runners may also register for individual events. Check and our Facebook events page for updates.