Technique is Only Half the Battle

Becoming a dancer is hard, but perfecting style and body language is what makes it harder. Some people inherit these qualities and some have to work for it. Breaking the performing bubble and incorporating your own style will allow for you to draw and demand the attention of the audiences. Keep reading to see what Nikki has to say in this week's blog!  If you think all it takes to become a successful performer is memorizing the choreography and perfecting your technique, you would be wrong. Anyone with dance experience can memorize a routine, but it takes passion to be a star. You have to give all of yourself and then some to stand out and make an impression. Star performers dance outside of their Kinesphere. A Kinesphere is dancers slang for space around the body. It is an imaginary bubble that encircles you. To be a great dancer is to break the Kinesphere. Moving outside of your Kinesphere and moving with purpose, will engage your audiences. For example, if you take two dancers with the exact same level of experience and technique and one stands out more than the other it's not because she is a better dancer, it is because she is a better performer. 

Watch this video and see who draws your attention more. All of these dancers are amazing, but you will notice some dancers will ask for your attention and others will demand it! 

Come break your Kinesphere with me on Tuesdays at 9:30am and 5:30pm, Thursdays 9:30pm and starting in June, Saturdays at 10:30am! See you there! 

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