High frequency workouts: a solution for any lifestyle


The benefits of regular resistance training are well establish and therefore it is a vital component of fitness. Traditional resistant training programs require time to complete and can be taxing on the body but the benefits far outweigh the costs. If making time for resistance training is a struggle, if you experience arthritis/joint pain, or if an intense aerobic training schedule is in place then using a high frequency resistance training program may be a viable option. Continue reading High frequency workouts: a solution for any lifestyle

Metabolic Gridlock


Human energy metabolism is a complicated process whereby nutrients are converted into a usable form of energy called ATP. There are three nutrients involved in this process which are carbohydrates, fats, and to a lesser extent proteins. Each nutrient is harvested for the energy found in the molecular bonds and is disposed of in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2). This process occurs in each cell with approximately 70-90% of ATP generated by the mitochondria, an organelle responsible for energy production. Continue reading Metabolic Gridlock

Willpower – Balancing Wellness and Goals

Willpower is not a skill that people are just born with magically. ¬†Balancing your wellness and your personal goals is important to ensuring that you don’t burn out or over-indulge. ¬†Watch the video and learn tips to help keep focused on your goals and persevere.

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