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Fall Hike at Torreya State Park

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.02.38 PM brings you our Fall Hike at Torreya State Park on Saturday, October 24th at 9am!

What better way to spend a cool fall morning than on a hike with family and friends?

Join for a 7.3 mile hike through Torreya State Park. We will start hiking at 9 am, so lace up your comfy hiking shoes, pack a lunch, grab you family and join us!

Click Here to sign up!



Bunny Ears

Picture yourself on a great run. You’re full of energy, you don’t feel any pain, nothing can stop you today. Then, all of a sudden your heel slides right out of your shoe.  We’ve all been there. Slippery heels are a typical runner’s annoyance. But as frustrating as this is, I am happy to tell you there is a simple and easy solution! 


Here the trick to keeping your heel from sliding out: 

Step 1: As you might have noticed, there is another unused hole on next to where you tie your laces. If there is not, take the last hole out and use this one. Now, take the right lace and put it through the last hole on the right side of the shoe, starting from the outside, in. Don’t pull all the way through. This lace on the right side of your shoe should now be coming out of the second to last hole, and back in the last one, creating a loop. 


Step 2: Do step 1 to the left side as well. Once you have both of your loops, take the ends of the laces and put them through the opposite loops. (For example, the end of the right lace will go through the left loop and the end of the left lace will go through the right loop) Now, this is the MOST IMPORTANT step. Take the ends of the laces and face them toward the sky. Pull them up one lace at a time in a see-saw motion. Once the loops are completely flattened, you have secured your ankle in place in the heel cup and you can tie it regularly. Try walking around and it shouldn’t slip! This trick is often referred to as bunny ears or the marathon loop. If you are having trouble with a step, take a look at our tutorial video for assistance: 



You should not experience numbness with this method, however, if numbness still occurs do the bunny ears backwards. This means lace up your shoes using every single hole except the second to last hole. Use this second to last hole as we did the last hole for the forward bunny ears. It will take the pressure off of the navicular bone but still lock your ankle the same way. 


Hope the bunny ear trick works for you all! If you still experience slippage, you may need to wear a shoe with a more narrow ankle. Consult a gait analysis specialist for advice on narrow shoes. Happy running everyone!

Apalachee Regional Park Trail

This is an outstanding running, hiking, and biking trail. This new track and trail system will provide the running community the premiere site in the northern section of Florida. Leon County has always been as outstanding venue for cross country events and greenways trails. With the opening of the Alapachee Regional Park Trail, the County now now has the location that runners dream about thanks to the public and the county working side by side. 

The trail was designed to give runners the opportunity to run on several types of surfaces. When the trail is not being used for a running event, it is open to the general public for hiking, running, and biking. The course will be used not only for local races but also for district and regional school races. 

General Phone Number: (850)- 606- 1470

Location: 7550 Apalachee Parkway, Tallahassee FL, 32309