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Bill is constantly keeping up on our toes with new work out plans and healthy tips to stay fit and out of trouble from sore or pulled muscles. Keep reading to learn some new work out rountines and form posture. 

Appetite Control: Is Yours Being Hijacked?

appetite control

One of the most difficult parts of weight loss is appetite control. The reason appetite is so variable is because of the many ways the sensation is controlled. There is both nervous and hormonal control of appetite with the hypothalamus being the main site of the brain where energy balance is regulated. Therefore, food intake is controlled by the hypothalamus.
The hypothalamus can be deceived however. The consequence of deception is an increase in food consumption that creates a logjam of available energy. Once the buildup of energy reaches critical mass, the liver has no choice but to make fat and store it away. This is part of the cycle of obesity.
What causes the hypothalamus to be hijacked in normal individuals? Continue reading Appetite Control: Is Yours Being Hijacked?

The Wheat Conundrum


What if a food item thought to be healthy turned out to be not healthy? What if this food item was a major staple of the diet, commanding millions of dollars in subsidies from the government to be produced? Suppose both answers are yes, then what? How would the worlds governing bodies react? The following scenario is actually a real concern when wheat is considered. So what if wheat was incompatible with human nutrition? Now that would be a conundrum. Continue reading The Wheat Conundrum

High frequency workouts: a solution for any lifestyle


The benefits of regular resistance training are well establish and therefore it is a vital component of fitness. Traditional resistant training programs require time to complete and can be taxing on the body but the benefits far outweigh the costs. If making time for resistance training is a struggle, if you experience arthritis/joint pain, or if an intense aerobic training schedule is in place then using a high frequency resistance training program may be a viable option. Continue reading High frequency workouts: a solution for any lifestyle