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Where we all love to talk fitness! Sherman has brought some great motivational articles to help start your right path to a better and healthier lifestyle. 

Willpower – Balancing Wellness and Goals

Willpower is not a skill that people are just born with magically.  Balancing your wellness and your personal goals is important to ensuring that you don’t burn out or over-indulge.  Watch the video and learn tips to help keep focused on your goals and persevere.

Have Certainty

Sherman Fitness Certainty

I’ve seen many cases where individuals learn about a product or service or purchase something that could possibly help them get out of their undesired state, but they never do anything with it. The desire to change is still within them, but the person is uncertain in his/her ability to follow through with the plan. Typically, they’re uncertain if a plan will really work for them, or they’re uncertain if it’s the right time to start. Fear of change, not giving up the things that have been comforting them in your state of unhappiness such as: alcohol, fast food, sweets, etc. However, they know that these are the very things that have enslaved to them to the current condition. Continue reading Have Certainty