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The New Wave in Wellness: Community Fitness


Improving one’s physical fitness is certainly a personal responsibility, but it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do it alone! In fact, fitness activities like Zumba, spinning, jogging, Pilates and yoga have shown to be incredibly effective in community settings. One study showed that exercise programs in community settings increased physical activity levels and improved physical fitness for both participating adults and older adults (Cruz-Ferreira et al, 2011).

Getting fit with a community of people has variety of health and wellness benefits that working out on your own simply can not provide. And with so many people joining groups to help reach their fitness goals, it appears people are starting to notice. Community fitness centers and group workout programs are popular and easy to find, nowadays. The popularity of community based fitness programs is built on core benefits like motivation, accountability and camaraderie.

You’re more likely to stop pressing the snooze button, in the morning, and get to the gym if you know your buddies are waiting on you. And you’re even more likely to hop out of bed if you know they won’t let you hear the last of it, the next time you show up for class. A workout group makes you accountable. In addition, positive motivation has proven to be a powerful tool. Having the right fitness instructor will push you to stay with the pack and go beyond your preconceived limitations.

Humans are social-beings that thrive on support from a community. Along with the obvious benefits of meeting new people with common goals, studies have shown that regular feedback, self-monitoring, social support and some friendly competition are attractive qualities of organized fitness programs. This is true especially amongst males (Cochrane-Priest, 2008). Overall, this type of workout environment appeals more towards women and elderly adults.

Community fitness is not only one of the most effective ways to get in shape but it is also one of the best ways to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

By: Cheyenne C. McGregor of

Willpower – Balancing Wellness and Goals

Willpower is not a skill that people are just born with magically.  Balancing your wellness and your personal goals is important to ensuring that you don’t burn out or over-indulge.  Watch the video and learn tips to help keep focused on your goals and persevere.