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I’ve seen many cases where individuals learn about a product or service or purchase something that could possibly help them get out of their undesired state, but they never do anything with it. The desire to change is still within them, but the person is uncertain in his/her ability to follow through with the plan. Typically, they’re uncertain if a plan will really work for them, or they’re uncertain if it’s the right time to start. Fear of change, not giving up the things that have been comforting them in your state of unhappiness such as: alcohol, fast food, sweets, etc. However, they know that these are the very things that have enslaved to them to the current condition.

If this is you, how will you get out? Breaking free from the habitual chains that hold you down can be very challenging.   First you must visualize yourself in a new light and believe you can get there. Start breaking down the uncertainty and fear of not achieving results. Once you are able to see yourself as you wish yourself to be, you then must acknowledge that the responsibility of getting there rests solely on you. You are in control, not the people around you, your job, or other parts of your daily life.

There is always a choice. Give yourself the power to make it.

If you feel you can’t get there on your own, seek assistance from others. Though it’s your responsibility to change, you don’t have to do it on your own. You can talk with others who have gone through what you are dealing with and who are now in a better place. Learn from them and imitate what they did if it fits your desired outcome. Also talk with a professional that can give you guidance and help hold you accountable.

Take action! Do not let it sit on the shelf. Hopefully after speaking and learning from others you will have a higher level of certainty in yourself and actions on your part will be taken. Remember, results are a product of action.

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Sherman Rosier

Sherman Rosier

ShermanRosierSherman, a Tallahassee native is owner and founder of Fit & Functional. He has been noted as Tallahassee's fitness expert. He holds a Degree in Physical Therapy along with being a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, NSTA Certified Running Coach, Certified Resist-A-Ball C.O.R.E Instructor, Certified Nutrition Specialist, 1st Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo and extensive continued learning courses and workshops related to health and fitness. Sherman's goal and mission is to Educate, Motivate, and Guide individuals to a healthier lifestyle in which achieving their potential level of fitness. He wants his clients to understand that there are no short cuts and the 5 major keys to success are : Willingness to Change Understanding What You Need to Change in Your Life Style Setting Action Goals Taking Action Being Consistent with Your Actions and Being Patient with your results

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