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Jenn has her Bachelor's of Social Work from FSU and is a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. She is currently pursuing a license in Massage Therapy. Jenn is knowledgeable in the techniques of Active Isolated Stretching and has used this work within her training at Fit and Functional. Her true passion for helping others is shown within her dedication and drive to go the extra mile with clients and reaching their goals. Utilizing both massage therapy and personal training, she has a deeper understanding of body mechanics, sport specific training, and recovery measures. She believes that the human body is an incredible machine that holds so much potential and power, you just need the right tools to unlock it. Jenn thrives to help clients not only achieve their fitness goals, but to also understand fitness is more than just what is on the outside.

What’s A Stretch Got to Do With It?

Recently I read an article about stretching from the professional sports realm.  Although it’s from a year or so ago, it has some striking points:Click here to read.

It basically talks about how the 49ers have found so much success on the field and have equated it to the stretching regime that they are required to do. Continue reading What’s A Stretch Got to Do With It?

Importance of Proper Training

As with any sport, you should take the necessary precautions  to your health and pay very close attention to how your body is responding to it’s surroundings, integrated systems, and the race day “stressors” that come about.  Training properly is infinitely important when regarding your body’s condition. Continue reading Importance of Proper Training

Can the Psoas Be Saved?

So as I was doing some studying online, I stumbled across this article about the Psoas muscle (pronounced “so-as”).  If you’re interested, you may check out the article here:

With so many of us having jobs where sitting for hours on end is quite common, it makes sense that certain muscles in our bodies would become aggravated with us.  One muscle in particular is the above mentioned Psoas. Continue reading Can the Psoas Be Saved?