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Metabolic Gridlock


Human energy metabolism is a complicated process whereby nutrients are converted into a usable form of energy called ATP. There are three nutrients involved in this process which are carbohydrates, fats, and to a lesser extent proteins. Each nutrient is harvested for the energy found in the molecular bonds and is disposed of in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2). This process occurs in each cell with approximately 70-90% of ATP generated by the mitochondria, an organelle responsible for energy production. Continue reading Metabolic Gridlock

Beetroot juice: Nature’s performance enhancer?

While searching the internet for new topics to discuss, I came across an article championing the benefits of beetroot juice with respect to exercise performance. I often take a skeptics approach to information on purported ergogenic aids, however, in the case of beetroot juice there is an abundance of quality research to draw from. Therefore I have decided to blog this week on beetroot juice and the potential of improved exercise performance. Continue reading Beetroot juice: Nature’s performance enhancer?

The benefits of neuromuscular training


Recently I have been reading a lot of research on prevention of lower extremity injury, mainly focusing on ACL ruptures and overuse injury in adolescent populations. These injuries occur because of poor biomechanics coupled with strength imbalances. Prevention of lower extremity injuries is a hot topic because of the high incidence and the cost, both physically and financially, that these injuries entail. In the majority of papers I have read, the term neuromuscular training is used quite extensively. This got me thinking about what is neuromuscular training and what are its benefits. Continue reading The benefits of neuromuscular training