Acid Alkaline Balance

Nigel breaks down the nature of alkaline and how it effects the human bodies. Read more to develop a clean life style. Peace Family,

Remember, we are slightly alkaline beings by nature. Daily activities including work/ stress, digestion, and exercise cause us to become acidic we rely on our foods to keep us alkaline. All processed foods/ drinks, refined sugars, legumes, nuts/ seeds, breads, grain, meat, and dairy produects are slightly to very acidic. These foods open us up to a host of diseases like osteoporosis. We need plenty of water, fruits, and raw vegetables to keep us properly balanced. Acidic bodies are where inflammation and DIS-EASES are found. To know your pH, invest in tests strips. They should be low cost and found at your local drug store.

Remember, you are more important than routine and convenience.

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