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Welcome to FitTallahassee.com! FitTallahassee.com is a local non-profit whose aim is to bring health and wellness information to the Tallahassee community. Whether this information is on upcoming wellness events, 5k’s, community outreach programs or nutrition information, workouts and recipes, FitTallahassee.com goal is to offer something that appeals to everyone!

Along with posting upcoming events in the Tallahassee area, we sponsor monthly wellness events in the Tallahassee area. Some of the more regular events we host include beach workouts on St. George Island, bike rides down St. Marks Trail, and group hikes at Torreya State Park. All FitTallahassee.com events are family friendly and are typically free, or are offered at discounted rates. Our goal for these events is to bring individuals together to get out there and get moving! These events also offer a great opportunity to meet new people who may have similar interest as you.

Whether you’re looking for something active to do, for an easy and healthy recipe or an interesting read on current fitness trends, FitTallahassee.com is the place for you!

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